“Qt Creator Pro Tips”

  Lightning talk by Prashanth Udupa


Lightning talk with demo about few keyboard shortcuts in Qt Creator that developers could use to take their productivity to a whole new level.

  • Discover keyboard shortcut for refactoring variables, class and function names.
  • Discover keyboard shortcut for moving function implementation from header to implementation file and back.
  • Discover keyboard shortcut to quickly declare virtual functions that you want to reimplement from the base class.
  • Discover keyboard shortcut to create setters, getters and property declarations for private variables in a class.
  • Use text-snippets to quickly generate boiler-plate code

About the speaker

Prashanth has been developing software using Qt since 2001. He bootstrapped and ran a services & products company based on Qt in India for 12 years. Then, he co-founded TERIFLIX, a startup in Bengaluru India focussed on offering private and social screening experiences of films.

Since the pandemic broke, he has been developing Scrite a free and open-source screenwriting app for Linux, Windows and macOS desktops (www.scrite.io). Having used QML for developing the complete UI of Scrite, he is confident that QML is ready for building large desktop apps that would have traditionally been built using Widgets.