Call for Papers. What are we looking for?

Qt DevCon is primarily a technical event and we want our content to be as relevant and interesting as possible to our audience. The target audience is developers building software with Qt.

Topics for Talks

We welcome proposals related to any aspect of development with Qt, as long as they:

  • bring practical knowledge for the attendees
  • discuss the unique technical challenges of creating Qt applications
  • are about Qt and its ecosystem

The goal of the conference is to make the attendees better Qt programmers. Talks about general aspects of programming may be off-topic for this conference (as interesting as they may be). For instance, a talk like “C# for Qt developers” is off-topic; a talk like “Here’s what Qt should steal from WForms” could be accepted.

Here are some ideas:

  • Widgets vs Qt Quick
  • Architecture your Qt application for multithreading
  • How to write more robust QML code
  • Using Python with Qt
  • Issues with running Qt Webassembly
  • QGraphicsView is still my best tool for ...
  • In-depth technical discussion of Qt features
  • Cross-platform development using Qt
  • Creating mobile applications with Qt
  • Automated testing strategies
  • Practical experiences using Qt on real-world applications

These are just suggestions – we welcome any submission!


The chances of your proposal getting accepted depend on the quality of your abstract.

While we don’t need to see your entire presentation in advance, your abstract should still be detailed enough to make the committee members able to assess your talk on its merits. Therefore, your abstract should make the committee members understand what your talk will be about, what specific topics will be discussed, which limitations the proposed approach has (if applicable; e.g., is it platform-specific?), and so on. If the talk was already presented in the past, please mention so, and possibly discuss what is going to be different since the last time it has been presented.

Especially important are the takeaways from your talk. What will the audience have learned? How will it improve the attendees’ everyday life as software developers using Qt?

The goal of the conference is to improve the technical skills of the participants, so your talk should help us achieve that. A talk should not be a product ad.


Your slot is 60 min, ~45 min talk + 15 min Q&A. Please rehearse your speech to be sure it fits the time frame. Each presentation will be live-streamed, recorded, and redistributed on multiple video hosting platforms. Successful applicants will be contacted for general info and asked to send a photograph and bio.

All talks will be presented live, on-site in Berlin, as we expect travel and in-person attendance to be safe under recommended safety measures.


We will assist you with the technical setup, you only need your laptop.

You can enter proposals until 2021-06-13 00:00 (Europe/Stockholm), 1 month from now.