“A quick introduction to porting your Qt application to WebAssembly”

  Lightning talk by Benjamin Deuter


With the introduction of the innovative runtime environment in all major web browsers, the opportunities for Qt to support more end devices is increasing. However, most Qt applications were not initially designed to be compiled to WebAssembly in order for it to be run in a web browser, therefore the migration may seem like a daunting task. But is that really true? In this talk, we talk about the caveats and stumbling blocks that we came across while making Qt projects to be able to run on the web. By learning from our experiences, you can get started in transitioning your codebase to the web and know what you should expect.

About the speaker

Benjamin Deuter has recently graduated from Ruhr University Bochum with a background on, among other topics, the security of web applications.

With a strong interest in Webassembly since its inception, he is a newcomer to Qt and is interested in the intersection of these two subjects.