Qt DevCon will be a conference from developers for developers, exclusively discussing topics around software development with Qt. The spirit of this event is to share knowledge, learn new things, exchange thoughts and ideas and meet long known and new people.

The conference is about getting back together. So, we would like to create a comfortable environment where you can talk and exchange thoughts with participants. This is your opportunity to meet hundreds of highly skilled Qt developers – and many more participating via the online stream.

The exhibition is designed to support this atmosphere surrounding the catering and lounge area and thus providing a relaxed and open atmosphere. At the same time, you will get your brand and message in front of your audience during the complete conference.

Talk to us and explore the options to contribute to Qt DevCon – qtdevcon@kdab.com

Main Sponsor

The Qt Company
Qt Company is a global software company with a strong presence in more than 70 industries and is the leading independent technology behind millions of devices and applications. Qt is used by major global companies and developers worldwide, and the technology enables its customers to deliver exceptional user experiences and advance their digital transformation initiatives. Qt achieves this through its cross-platform software framework for the development of apps and devices, under both commercial and open source licenses.

Qt technology is used by approximately one million developers worldwide. We enable a single software code across all operating systems, platforms and screen types, from desktops and embedded systems to business-critical applications, in-vehicle systems, wearables and mobile devices connected to the Internet of Things.


Tuxera is the leading provider of quality-assured embedded storage management software and networking technologies, helping people and businesses around the globe store and do more with their data.