“Community Driven QML Coding Guidelines”

  by Furkan Uzumcu


QML has been around for over a decade, and although there’s significant amount of documentation the collective community knowledge is scattered across forums, IRC channels, and personal blogs in a non-structured way. Qt’s official documentation provides good gems here and there, but it is hard to find them and sometimes they are out of date.

QML has been adopted by many projects large and small, and knowing the details of QML, the pitfalls, and optimization techniques are becoming increasingly important. The experience of the people working on these projects are usually kept within the organization. It also makes it harder for new people going into QML picking up good conventions for the language.

In order to facilitate the community growth and guidelines around QML, I started writing a guideline a while ago; putting together my years of experience writing QML code, the gems from the official documentation, and my discussions with other QML developers.

Some of the benefits of the guideline are:

– Facilitating writing good and maintainable QML code.
– Acting as a base for writing linting rules for `qmllinter`.
– Collecting community knowledge in a single place for easy access and distribution.

The purpose of this talk is to introduce some of the guidelines that are already in place, and also is a call to action to grow this as a community and keep it alive together.

The guideline can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/Furkanzmc/QML-Coding-Guide

About the speaker

Furkan Uzumcu has been been using Qt/QML for over 6 years with experience building products for mobile and desktop. He’s now working at Autodesk, building the infrastructure and the interface of the next generation products.