“Five (or more!) goodies from KDToolBox”

  Lightning talk by Giuseppe D’Angelo


KDToolBox is KDAB’s collection of miscellaneous useful C++ classes and stuff, available on GitHub under a very permissive open source license (MIT). There’s a lot of goodies in there: from a single-shot QObject::connect(), to a table model to list model flattener proxy, to a UI watchdog class.

I’m going to present as many as I can, before getting kicked out of the stage. 🙂

About the speaker

Giuseppe D’Angelo KDABGiuseppe is an Approver of the Qt Project and a Senior Software Engineer at KDAB. He is a long time contributor to Qt, having used Qt and C++ since 2000. His contributions in Qt range from containers and regular expressions to GUI, Widgets and OpenGL. A free software passionate and UNIX specialist, before joining KDAB, Giuseppe organized conferences on open source around Italy. He holds a BSc in Computer Science.