“Handling large amount of text in QML”

  Lightning talk by Shantanu Tushar


Showing a large amount of text is a common problem for certain types of applications (IM apps, for example). Generally one will start by using a TextArea for this – which works fine but does not really scale once you are handling hundreds of thousands of lines of text. Lets discover if there is a better way of handling large (virtually unlimited) amount of text in QML.

About the speaker

Shantanu is a Software Engineer at KDAB and has been developing with Qt/C++ since 2009. Apart from using QML/QtQuick, he has given talks and conducted workshops on QML/Qt Quick for students and professionals alike.

With a focus on usability, Shantanu loves using QML/Qt Quick to create elegant and enjoyable user interfaces. When not working on UI, you will find him tinkering with DIY electronics and home automation.