“Keeping Qt based embedded devices up to date”

  by Stefan Eichenberger


Most embedded devices today require an update mechanism to keep them safe and to provide new functionality. However, there are a lot of different update concepts with different advantages and disadvantages. In this talk we will look at some common update concepts, how they are used and how fail-safe they are. In a demo session, we will use an update mechanism using containers with Torizon and see how we can control them from a Qt application.

In this talk we will have a look at some update concepts and compare the advantages and disadvantages of this mechanisms.
The talk will mainly show the following update concepts:
* Partition swap with swupdate
* OSTree
* Recovery Image
* Container/Hypervisor based approach with Torizon
We will have an in-depth look at Torizon and show how it can be integrated into a Qt application.

About the speaker

For more than 15 years I like to deal with embedded systems and nowadays use embedded Linux on a daily basis. My focus as a freelancer is HW bring-up, BSP customisation and low level software. I gained experience with Qt while working on customer projects.