“Low-code Qt apps with Design Studio and SCXML”

  by Marco Piccolino


In the current software development landscape, low-code and no-code application frameworks are gaining traction, as they allow non-developer professionals (such as designers and domain experts) to directly contribute to digital products.

Qt is not a low-code framework tout-court. However, thanks to its rich tooling and many modules, some components / layers of an application can actually be created without the need to write code. Two examples are visual UI implementation with Qt Design Studio and visual logic implementation with Qt SCXML and Qt Creator’s SCXML Editor.

In this talk I will present a case study where both approaches were successfully leveraged to help a customer with a restricted development team customize a reference application template for different use cases with little effort.

About the speaker

marco piccolino teal.blueMarco Piccolino is senior UX developer and managing director at teal.blue.

He has been developing Qt/QML apps on a daily basis since 2015, and has a background in language technologies for the study of human cognition, with a PhD from Cambridge University. He is a former Qt Champion, founder of QtMob, and author of “Qt 5 Projects” for Packt publishing.

teal.blue provides design & development services for HMI and UI creation across several industries, with a focus on prototyping, customization and integration.
Headquartered near Milan, Italy, it caters for customers all over Europe, by also providing training and consultancy services in Qt, QML and Qt Design Studio. For more information, please visit https://teal.blue.