“Proteins, Microscopes and Qt – How modern Biotech fights Cancer”

  by Anne Rueß


On its mission to make cancer history, Miltenyi Biotech solves tough challenges in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine, bringing to bear state of the art electrical, mechanical and software engineering. This talk will explore the fascinating intersection of hardware, software and wetware and showcase how Qt is a crucial part of the overall platform current and future devices and applications are being built upon.

About the speaker

Anne Rueß is a biotechnology engineer with a PhD in a the field of human immunology. She worked as a Senior Scientist for over 11 years before she became product owner at Miltenyi Biotech 2 years ago. As a System Architect/ System Analyst/ Requirements Engineer, it was her job to translate customer requirements and needs into product concepts. Now as a product owner/software project manager at Miltenyi, she manages the development, testing and documentation as one of over 200 colleges working for Miltenyi’s software department.