QML Hot Reload in Practice: How to improve review meetings for remote teams

  by Alex Leutgöb


Bringing a great UX to your product is hard. Moreover, the pandemic forced many teams to work and collaborate remotely. Choosing the right tools can help to overcome those challenges. One of those is QML Hot Reload, which allows applying code changes within running apps on remotely connected devices. In this talk, you learn about:

* Challenges for remote teams
* How to overcome gaps between design and development
* Why QML and why Code Reload
* Advantages of Hot Reload over Live Reload
* How to review and improve things in realtime
* Finally, how to make review meetings fun again!

This talk gives an exclusive look at how our consulting team handles remote UX review meetings and shows how QML Hot Reload helps iterate on QML user interfaces.

About the Speaker

Alex Leutgöb Felgo GmbHAlex Leutgöb is CTO & Co-Founder of FELGO GmbH, a Qt Technology Partner and Qt Service Partner.

Equipped with a business and technical background, Alex specialized in mobile app development in 2008 when the first app store launched. With the profound knowledge of the mobile platforms and their UX, his apps were downloaded more than a million times.

In 2011, Alex switched his focus on cross-platform software with Qt and QML and co-founded FELGO. Since then, FELGO has specialized in fast and high-quality software development, providing development tools and professional services. Alex has worked with customers from small companies to multinational enterprises across many industries, including automotive, medical, and industry.

Alex gave various talks about cross-platform app development with Qt at different events, including the past Qt World Summit events. He is also the co-organizer of the Qt Meetup Vienna.