“The journey to the Cloud has to go through the Edge”

  Keynote by Dario Freddi


Secular trends like Cloud and 5G are shifting the focus more and more towards IoT, AI and in general towards software. With technology evolving at a faster rate than ever, keeping up to speed is becoming more and more difficult – the speed of change outpaces the reaction capabilities of most companies.

This is a story about how a traditional hardware company ended up listing on the Italian stock exchange with a proposition entirely based on AI. It is a story about startups, about change, about the edge… and about Qt. If it is true that technology is merely a mean to achieve something great, it is also true that harnessing great technology is the main driver to a company’s success – today more than ever.

About the speaker

Dario started his involvement with Qt more than 10 years as a member of the KDE community, for which is yet today a big advocate.

After bouncing back and forth between big companies, startups, and more, Dario is the CEO of SECO Mind, and leads SECO Group’s transition to a software company.