The speakers at the premiere of Qt Developer Conference 2022

“Qt 6.3 and beyond”

Keynote by Maurice Kalinowski (The Qt Company)

“The journey to the Cloud has to go through the Edge”

Keynote by Dario Freddi (SECO)

“Proteins, Microscopes and Qt – How modern Biotech fights Cancer”

by Anne Rueß (Miltenyi Biotech)

“Low-code Qt apps with Design Studio and SCXML”

by Marco Piccolino (teal.blue)

“Community Driven QML Coding Guidelines”

by Furkan Uzumcu (Autodesk)

“Hybrid Qt Development: boosting your projects with Python”

by Dr. Cristián Maureira-Fredes (The Qt Company)

“Closing the Gaps – QML on Desktop”

by Prashanth Udupa

“How can I make my Qt apps more Rusty?”

by Andrew Hayzen and Leon Matthes (KDAB)

“How I Learned To ❤️ Unicode and Stop Worrying”

by Giuseppe D’Angelo (KDAB)

“Integrating Qt in legacy MFC applications”

by Carlos Buchart (Wallbox Chargers)

“25k stars later – How to survive maintaining a popular GitHub project in your spare time”

by Niels Lohmann

“Cross-platform CI/CD setup – make it easy”

by Lukas Kosiński (Scythe Studio)

“KDE’s journey to Qt 6”

by Nicolas Fella (KDE)

“How your Qt / C++ application goes ‘boom’ in the real world.”

by James Turner (KDAB)

“Qt Design Studio – Bridging the gap between Developers and Designers” (A live demo)

by Brook Cronin and Thomas Hartmann (The Qt Company)

“Speeding Up Compilation Using Precompiled Headers (PCH), CCache and Ninja in CMake”

by Kevin Funk (KDAB)

“Keeping Qt based embedded devices up to date”

by Stefan Eichenberger

“Crowdsourced Quality Assurance & Code Coverage: No Longer Mutually Exclusive?”

by Tomasz Pawłowski (The Qt Company)

“QML Hot Reload in Practice: How to improve review meetings for remote teams”

by Alex Leutgöb

“A quick introduction to porting your Qt application to WebAssembly”

Lightning talk by Benjamin Deuter

“Handling large amount of text in QML”

Lightning talk by Shantanu Tushar (KDAB)

“Why Energy Consumption Of Digitization Matters (And How To Eco-Certify Your Software)”

Lightning talk by Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss

“Five (or more!) goodies from KDToolBox”

Lightning talk by Giuseppe D’Angelo (KDAB)

“Set up a shareable dev environment in docker”

Lightning talk by Julian Grube (semasquare GmbH)

“Software Engineering after Covid-19”

Closing Keynote by Kalle Dalheimer (CEO at KDAB)